Сentral operation support base

Сentral operation support base

Сentral operation support base (COSB) was founded in 2003  on the basis of mechanical repair division. Since then the division, working only with local queries, has become modern enterprise which is competitive with foreign KPO b.v. contractors. Staff size has increased from 30 to 420 persons.

COSB is equipped with innovative, global manufacturers` equipment such as “Miller”, “Lincoln”, “CAT”, “MOSA”, “WACKER”, “GECO”, “BOSCH”, “TAIVER”, “Weldotherm”. The division has enough of modern personal protective equipment.

Type of COSB activity:

•           Lathe

•           Milling

•           Planning

•           Drilling

•           Rolling and ship bending

•           Repair of pump and compressor equipment

•           Repair of isolation valve

•           Fabrication of containers, tanks, machines and equipment details, spades, rollers and so on.

•           High-alloyed and stainless steel welding in shielding (neutral) gases

•           Welding of high and low pressure pipeline

•           Repair of gas field equipment, separators, heat exchanger and others.

•           Sandblasting and painting of steel constructions, tanks, pipelines and so on

•           Pipeline waterproofing

•           Civil works, including excavation works, fabrication and installation of assembling and solid reinforced concrete constructions, fishing  work and painting and so on

•           Different types of gas hazardous work, tanks cleaning, tighten vessels and pipelines flanges, pipelines cold cut and so on.


Operation site facilities:

Hydraulic press          - 2pcs

Steel and pipe cutter - 4 pcs

Bending machine       - 1 pc

Rolling press   - 1 pc

Lathe of different variations   - 4 pcs

Flexible reinforcement machine        - 3 pcs

circular saw machine PKS315S       - 2 pcs

Sharpening of cutting off saws          - 1pc-

Radial drill  A-55         1pc

Milling machine          1pc

Sharpening, grinding machine

3 pcs

Electric saw


omnimill versatile machine


Fitter plate

3 pcs

Metal cutting unit

2 pcsv

Welding unit  MILLER 300, 200

17 pcs

Mobile welding unit PIKO-260, EWM—PICO-300, PIT P1-1605 and etc.

32 pcs

Welding unit МОСА–TS 615VS/EL wheeled, MOSA DSP 615                                                                                                         

7 pcs

Butt welding machine ТМ315 СNC 230V(PVC pipe welding)    


Welding machine with quality monitoring system MSA Plus 400 (code 799350581)


Weld rod oven Э-40, Э-150, ЭПЭ-20/400, ПСПЭ160/150   

12 pcs

Weld rod storage cabinet M-200

2 pcs

Mobile welding generator with capacity of 5kV KDE 12EW

5 pcs

Welding rod container

38 pcs

Air grinder Metabo DG 700

2 pcs

Thermocouple welding tool TP2

9 pcs

Electrical machine for removing of pipe bevel “Mangust-2-electro, 200-electro, 325-electro”

5 pcs

Heating unit Weldotherm

5 pcs

Plasma-jet welding set PLASMA

2 pcs

Pipe cutting machine and beveling machine D.L.RissiNB14

2 pcs

Chain hoist from 1tn up to 5tns

25 pcs

Centralizers from 2” up to 30”

48 pcs

Hydraulic jack

15 pcs

Hydro test unit up to 448 Bar HI-Force

3 pcs

Manual pressing pump “Kompact- 500, 1000 bar”

3 sets

Sawzall Makita

4 pcs

Angle grinder

73 pcs

Perforator-drill “Hilti Te 60”,  2050HP

21 pcs

Air shelter “Safehouse Haditat”

4 pcs

Diesel power plant АД 100СТ400РМ2 «Slavyanka»

2 pcs

Diesel power plant ED30/400, ЭСД-50Т400, ДЭС-200, ДЭС-300, GECO 3.2 кВт

7 pcs

Diesel generator alternating current QAS40

2 pcs

Generator 75kV QAS 20Pd, QAS125-4

3 pcs

Petrol power plant GEKO 6400, RG VG 100, Robin-Subaru 6 KW

8 pcs

High pressure apparatus  PREUS D15013 1500 bar 13l/min  for water jetting

6 pcs

Super high pressure unit Falch Jet 125 2500 bar, for water jet treatment


Tube bundle extractor


Diesel steam generator unit

2 pcs

Equipment package for operations in vessel


Searchlight projector on compressed air  Turbolite A-TL45A

15 pcs

Electric explosion proof lighting fixture with step down transformer

40 pcs

Air vent SAV30/AP SA CYCLONE Venturi API 6” (10.5” BC) 2740 cfm (4658m³/hour)

14 pcs

Electric pumping unit of high capacity (from 189 up to 378 lpm)

2 pcs

Diaphragm air pump M8, M4

12 pcs

Mobile lighting equipment with telescopic tower with 4 halogen lamps and diesel generator 7.5 kW

27 pcs

Abrasive cleaning and painting equipment

44 pcs

Pipe film insulation equipment  (Ø219 - 426 mm, Ø530 -720 mm,) VYUN-426; 720 

4 pcs

multifunctional Wood working machine

4 pcs

Vibroplate with diesel engine drive of DPS 1850H series

4 pcs

Concrete vibrator WACKER IREN30

6 pcs

Diesel vibrating rammer WACKRDS70

4 pcs

Air, electric hammers

20 pcs

Concrete mixer

2 pcs

Floor saw "Dr.Schulze" FS 450 E electrical

1 pc

Pump Undfos SQ3-80

1 pc

Vacuum pump 150-SZO-384-290-LB-102


Drilling unit 2T140


Mini-roll DVH-600 with with diesel engine drive

2 pcs

Engine driven pump "PTD206T"

2 pcs

Compressors of different variations

24 pcs

Diesel and electrical air heaters

74 pcs

Mobile containers used as office and changing rooms -

33 pcs

Equipment and tools container for gas hazardous works.

6 pcs