Company Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

 In its activities Aksaigasservice JSC follows the policy of preventing accidents, protecting the health of its employees and the environment by creating safe working conditions for all types of works and compliance of workplaces with the Occupational Safety Standards System, GOST standards based on the following:
  • priority of life and health of an employee against the results of the Company operational activities;
  • complex solution of HSE tasks based on the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the international standards;
  • control over the widespread implementation of HSE requirements by the Company employees;
  • participation of HSE Department in the development of documents related to the financing of labor protection, environmental programs and activities;
  • provision of Company employees with workwear and Personal Protective Equipment;
  • training of the Company personnel for safe operation of works – the training activities are conducted to in order to develop the joint actions by staff in the event of emergency situations in line with the approved training plans and programs; the provision of advanced information in the area of labor protection for each employee at each specific workplace.
The purpose of HSE Policy is the development and implementation of complex of social economic, organizational, technical, sanitary and hygienic, prevention-care and educational measures to create and ensure safe and healthy working conditions at the workplace in accordance with the occupational safety standards.
Aksaigasservice JSC Lost Time Injury-free man-hours worked in 2016: 4,088,393 (including 3,638,662 man-hours worked at the hazardous and high hazardous areas as per Permit-To-Work system).