The Labour Glory of Aksaigasservice JSC

December 2015 was marked by a number of important events for Aksaigasservice JSC as one of our employees – Akhmetkali Abyshev was awarded with the Order of Labour Glory and on the day before the Independence Day of Kazakhstan the Company handed out to its 31 workers the “Best Employee” awards at the ceremony which took place at the Company Head Office on December 15, 2015.

Many of representatives from the Company various services sections, workshops, departments and subdivisions gathered up together at the conference room where the opening speech was followed by Tlek Shektebayev, Aksaigasservice JSC President who expressed gratitude and pride for his fellow employee receiving the award signed by Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is worth noting that the official award of the Order of Labour Glory took place in Uralsk city. Akhmetkali Abyshev, Aksaigasservice JSC employee, the proud owner of the distinguished Order received it from the hands of Nurlan Nogayev, Akim of the West Kazakhstan Oblast. Akhmetkali Abyshev’s colleagues gathered up to congratulate him personally on this highly significant achievement.

During the ceremony Tlek Shektebayev, Aksaigasservice JSC President proudly noted that Akhmetkali Abyshev was awarded with the Order under No. 1 registry in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“I would also be sincerely glad if an employee of another company from Burlinskiy Region was awarded with this Order but it is particularly rewarding to see our employee” said Tlek Shektebayev and expressed sincere gratitude to Nurlan Nogayev, Akim of the West Kazakhstan Oblast and Marat Tussupkaliyev, Akim of Burlinskiy Region for their trust and appreciation of efforts of the employees from the local company. The speech was further passed to Akhmetkali Abyshev, the initiator of the celebration.

“I have been working at Aksaigasservice JSC since 2005 and our company is operating as the main contractor to KPO B.V. The work provides our families the stability and confidence in the future. The Company management throughout its performance cares about its employees and their children as well as the Veterans of Great Patriotic War, representatives of low-income families and orphan children in Burlinskiy Region, so I am glad that I am working at this company and contributing to its development and the prosperity of Kazakhstan" said Akhmetkali Abyshev with an excitement and expression of deep appreciation to Tlek Shektebayev, Aksaigasservice JSC President, the Administration of the West Kazakhstan Oblast and Burlinskiy Region and colleagues for their trust and appreciation.

The Order of Labour Glory was approved by Decree of the Head of State dated March 17, 2015. It has three degrees, the highest of which is the first one. The award is held sequentially from third to second and the first. The holders of all three degrees of the Order are equated to the title of "Hero of Labour” in Kazakhstan. Therefore, we take pride in an achievement of this award by our fellow employee as the whole Aksaigasservice JSC team and the entire locals of Burlinskiy Region.

The ceremony was after followed by the Company’s “Best Employee” awards ceremony where Tlek Shektebayev, Aksaigasservice JSC President took part in presenting the award pins and souvenirs to 31 employees of the Company.

The industry-specific “Best Employee” award pin was established by Aksaigasservice JSC management two years ago. For the next year the Company management plans to approve one more award to its employees for the assessment of working results.

When presenting the awards Tlek Shektebayev personally thanked each employee for their efforts and tremendous contribution made to the development of the Company.

In this or another case, all the awards received by Aksaigasservice JSC employees and management during the years of the Company's operation are well-deserved as to date it is one of the largest companies in Burlinskiy Region and its achievements are known far beyond the West Kazakhstan Oblast.

At the end of the solemn meeting Tlek Shektebayev thanked his team for the work performed in 2015 and congratulated everyone on the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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