Honorary distinctions to those who deserved!

 Aksaigasservice JSC honored its outstanding members on the eve of the Oil and Gas Industry Worker’s Day.

Several years ago Aksaigasservice JSC introduced a tradition to hand out commemorative medals and valuable gifts to outstanding members of the Company in honor of the professional holiday. This year, 202 members of the Company have received a corporate award – distinctive badge “Honorary Employee”, significance of which is expressed in such notions as ‘recognition’, ‘responsibility’, ‘diligence’, ‘devotion to profession.’
Mr. Tlek Shektebayev, President of Aksaigasservice JSC has congratulated the awardees on his own behalf and on behalf of shareholders attending an official meeting of Company members and indicated the following:
- The large team of Aksaigasservice JSC has provided services and along with that it has for a lot of years been pro-actively involved in development of oil and gas fields in the Western Kazakhstan Region. Longstanding activities and stable gradual development of the Company is a merit of the whole team, result of your highly professional activities and responsible attitude to work. As you know, encouragement and support of its employees, creation of favorable conditions for work and rest of all members of the team have been a priority since establishment of the Company.
A lot of employees at Aksaigasservice JSC have already received our corporate distinctive badges and medals – “Honorary Employee” and “Best Employee”; and today we honor you with great pleasure and unaffected joy – the new best employees who have proved to your fellow colleagues and the surrounding people the professionalism and proficiency with your responsible and conscientious work.
Your work and business approach contribute to formation of image of the Company, achievement of high results, successful completion of large volumes of works, placement and execution of new work orders. Today, Aksaigasservice JSC is a widely known  company in the oil and gas sector of western region; more than 1,800 of its staff members work onshore and offshore. The management of the Company and its shareholders are proud of its employees, their achievements and responsible business approach and therefore, every year on the eve of the professional holiday the Company honors its members with letters of thanks, awards, valuable gifts and traditional bonus.
- Concern for people in practice and not in word is one of principles of activities of the Company and you all know that management of Aksaigasservice JSC follows this rule, Mr. Shektebayev pointed out. – Creation of conditions to be able to engage in sports activities, play volleyball, go to an urban swimming pool, arrangement and financing of summer holidays of children and health resort treatment of employees and pensioners, official farewells for pensioners and their material support, arrangement by the Social Consensus Council of the Company of recreational events for children such as contests of pictures, ethnic costumes, sports events – ‘Sports Family’ with a prize fund; regular encouragement of best employees with valuable gifts and annual bonuses on the eve of the professional holiday and the so-called 13th salary is far from an exhaustive list of arrangements which Aksaigasservice JSC implements within its social responsibility policy.
Congratulating my colleagues on the upcoming holidays I would like to express you our sincere gratitude for your valorous labor and wish you further successes in your work, health, family well-being and all the best. Peace and serenity in our country, happy future to you and your children!
Mr. Shektebayev has highlighted that this year distinctive lapel badge “Honorary Employee” was awarded not only to employees of the Company but also to its partners, including the representatives of the international and local companies such as Ligabue, KIOS and others.
Handing out the awards to the attending guests at the official event he emphasized:
- Long-term cooperation with our partners allows speak with certainty about joint success, efficiency and mutually beneficial cooperation which is aimed to develop our region and the country on the whole. It is an evidence of mutual trust, demonstration of high quality and highly professional activities.
During the event, Ms. Aigul Iskakova, HR Director of Aksaigasservice JSC read out an order to award and encourage the Company employees.
‘Aksaigasservice JSC, one of major service companies in the oil and gas sector of western region, celebrates its official holiday with operational excellence and high economic achievements. This result has been achieved due to conscientious, highly professional work of all Aksaigasservice JSC employees, correct arrangement of operational activities, provision of safety and quality at workplace and goal-oriented management of chief executives and the Company development strategy’ reads the order which awards 202 staff members of the Company with distinctive lapel badge “Honorary Employee”, letter of gratitude and valued gift. Also all employees of Aksaigasservice JSC, including women on maternity leave, have received a bonus of 50% of their salary.
From editor’s office: We would like to wish Aksaigasservice JSC success and prosperity in future.

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