Aksaigasservice is announced as the winner of “Paryz-2016” Grand Prix award at the republican compet

Aksaigasservice is announced as the winner of “Paryz-2016” Grand Prix award at the republican competition related to the social responsibility.
2016 was marked with the significant event for Aksaigasservice JSC. A few days before the celebration of Kazakhstan’s 25th Anniversary of Independence the Company has won “Paryz-2016” Grand Prix award at the republican competition for social responsibility. 

Aksaigasservice JSC was announced as the winner of “Paryz-2016” Grand Prix in Astana on December 6th, 2016 upon conclusion of the nominees awarding in a solemn atmosphere where Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev personally congratulated Tlek Shektebayev, Head of Aksaigasservice JSC on the high achievements and handed the Grand Prix. 

The deserved success of the Company leading in the services market at Karachaganak is valued most significantly and reputed much outside West Kazakhstan Oblast by the fact that it was achieved under the notion of large-sized entities presented by 501 major business companies in Kazakhstan qualifying for this award.
The primary target of “Paryz” and “Altyn Sapa” contests is to set the highest possible level of development of domestic business, quality of Kazakhstan goods and the growth of the country's competition. Alongside “Paryz” award forms the social orientation of local business stimulating large, medium and small business entrepreneurs for the social decisions both for their employees and for society as a whole, so “Paryz” holds special status in this regard. Despite the differences in the specifics and volumes of production, the contestants are joined by the common aim of implementing the priority task designated by the Head of State – to improve the well-being of people. Therefore, an important direction in their operating activities is acquired by its social orientation, and this becomes a good tradition.
This is the way how Aksaigasservice JSC – one of the largest local companies in West Kazakhstan Oblast operates. The staff of Aksaigasservice JSC is fully comprised from the local representatives. 
During the last ten years of operation, the Company not only expanded its own production and service lines, but also increased the share of its socially responsible participation in the life of both the work team and the population of Burlinskiy Region and West Kazakhstan Oblast. The positive and productive activity by Aksaigasservice JSC in terms of implementation of large-scale social projects was highly appreciated by the state competitive commission that decided to award our company the Grand Prix of “Paryz-2016” republican competition for social responsibility.
A beautifully decorated, sparkling hall, dozens of working video cameras of central television channels, many bright colors and light offered a ceremonial and festive mood.
Three and half thousand participants and guests of the ceremony, including members of the Government, ministers, senators and mazhilismen, famous sportsmen and cultural and art figures, in other words all the beau monde of our country expected the appearance of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Head of State – Leader of the Nation. It was noticeable that all the nominees experienced excitement and a sense of triumph since they had an important and responsible mission to appear on stage before the Head of State and all the top leaders of the country, business elite, representatives of public and media during the ceremony of receiving high awards.
For several years Aksaigasservice JSC has been nominated twice for “Altyn Sapa” competition in 2006 and 2010 and twice for “Paryz” award in 2010 and 2011 receiving Diplomas for active participation in the competition signed by the Head of Executive Office of the President of Kazakhstan and the Minister of labor and social protection of the population, notably in 2010 the Company was included in three finalists of “Altyn Sapa” republican contest. In 2010 the letter of appreciation was also received from the Chairman of State Committee for Standardization and Metrology for good performance in the field of quality as well as the “European Grant” honorary award received in Cannes, France for good performance in forming the economic potential of Kazakhstan and overcoming the economic crisis.

On December 25, 2012 at the Palace of Independence in Astana with the participation of Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aksaigasservice JSC as a hundred percent local company from West Kazakhstan Oblast was the first to be recognized as the winner in the nomination of the “Best Socially Responsible Enterprise” in the Republic of Kazakhstan among the large business entities. The most significant award of gold “Paryz” and the First Premium Laureate Diploma signed by President Nazarbayev was awarded to Tlek Shektebayev, President of Aksaigasservice JSC.

The long-awaited acknowledgment of the productive investment of Aksaigasservice JSC in numerous social projects of vital importance for people has become a great success for the entire West Kazakhstan Oblast – for the entire nine-year history of the “Paryz” contest Aksaigasservice JSC became the first fully local company from West Kazakhstan Oblast earning the “gold” and the Grand Prix at “Paryz-2016” republican contest in the nomination of the “Best Socially Responsible Enterprise” in the Republic of Kazakhstan among the large business entities. This well-deserved success was warmly welcomed by Altay Kuiginov, the Akim of West Kazakhstan Oblast and his predecessor Nurlan Nogayev back in 2012 who congratulated in persons Tlek Shektebayev and Aksaigasservice JSC with a convincing victory and thanked the team, expressed gratitude and satisfaction for the great efforts noting that there is a company in the region to be equal to and serving a good example to others as a successful builder of Kazakhstan’s future.
What does the Company do for the benefit of people? Most importantly, over the past ten years 1050 new jobs have been created at the Company and today it employs 1700 people which hold much social significance for the 35000 populated Aksai township.
The Company does not divide the social responsibility to any part. Both internal programs for the full support of the staff and the external projects for the systematic assistance to various categories of citizens have been operating for many years on a regular basis. In addition to the permanent guarantees by the employer provided for by Kazakh legislation, in order to improve the well-being of the staff the Company provides a comprehensive social package. Aksaigasservice JSC employees are provided with the possibility of medical checking, free treatment in a number of cities in Kazakhstan and promotion of health in the various resorts of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. The staff receives material incentives for labor achievements and is organized with holidays and sports events. The younger generation is also taken into account by the Company as children of the staff visit recreational camps in Almaty and Uralsk during the summer holidays arranged by Aksaigasservice JSC.
For five years the Company takes a lease of “Sary-Arka” swimming pool taking care of the health of its employees for the cultural and useful leisure and for seven years the sports hall for volleyball at the Secondary School No. 4. The classes are held three times a week. Each department has its own volleyball team which includes the employees, specialists and managers. This can prove their cohesion and friendly team work and any interested employee can take part in this.
On the Victory Day, the Oil and Gas Industry Worker’s Day and the Independence Day of Kazakhstan the sports competitions are held at Aksaigasservice JSC on a regular basis with participation of at least 14 volleyball teams.
The active promotion and support of sports activities at Aksaigasservice JSC allowed its volleyball team entirely consisting of its employees to become the winner of "Akbiday" republican volleyball championship among the business entities in 2010. In 2012 the volleyball team retained the Champion’s title in the West Kazakhstan Oblast as a representative of Burlinskiy Region for seven consecutive years.
Seven volleyball players whilst at work and taking part in the volleyball competitions were awarded the title of Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan for their high skills and success in volleyball.
From October 2016 to February 2017 the Company’s volleyball team took part in the competition and won the Cup of Winter League of Burlinskiy Region occasioned with the Independence of Kazakhstan and Expo-2017. There were 7 strongest teams from the Region competing for the Cup. The tournament was followed further one for the Cup of Aksai township where there were competing the runners-up of the Winter League comprised of the teams from KPO b.v., Condensate JSC, Priuralniy and Aksaigasservice JSC with the latter team winning another Cup.
In 2012 on the initiative of Tlek Shektebayev there were opened the volleyball classes for the children of Aksaigasservice JSC employees and locals as taught by the Company professional sportsmen on a voluntary basis.
For the past 7 years there were allocated more than 15 Million Tenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle and cultural events. For the same time, the Company's employees and their families received social assistance worth more than 170 Million Tenge.
Since 2005, the Company employees have been paid various bonuses and incentives in the amount of 651.5 Million Tenge. Payments on social benefits related to operations and compensation amounted to 960 Million Tenge.
Starting from 2006, the amount of salary rates for employees and specialists are increased by 15-20% each year. In addition to salary, the various surcharges, allowances and additional payments are provided to employees ranging from 25 to 35% of the direct payment fund. Annually more than 12 Million Tenge are allocated for training and professional development of personnel as well as re-training courses for management, engineering and accounting staff. A system of incentives and stimulation for employees has been developed and is being implemented at the Company. Based on each year’s results the winners in the "Best Operations Unit", "Best Employee" and “Best in Qualification" contests are awarded with certificates, pennants, commemorative prizes and bonuses. When summing up the results of work for the Oil and Gas Worker’s Day, there have been more than 120 best workers rewarded with valuable gifts. The collective agreement at Aksaigasservice JSC provides for a wide range of social benefits, material assistance, additional payments, benefits and additional leave. Over seven years more than 1.5 Billion Tenge were allocated for the provision of Health and Safety measures. For seven years the Company provides all employees with a bonus on the Oil and Gas Worker’s Day and the thirteenth salary on a yearly basis.
Based on the results of the performance of specific production targets and planned indicators, the employees of the respective workshops, sections and services are repeatedly awarded with the one-off bonus. Traditionally on March 8th a bonus is provided to all women at Aksaigasservice JSC. Undoubtedly, in order to create such conditions for the team, it was necessary to restructure and provide production and services with constant volumes of work, introduce new technologies, the staff of qualified personnel, organize its training and re-qualification and this needed to be achieved so that the Company could meet and exceed all the international standards of Quality and Safety as well as KPO B.V. requirements and other international Customers focused on the best service and results. Here it should be noted the important role and a huge personal contribution of Tlek Shektebayev, President of Aksaigasservice JSC, on his initiative, constant control and direct management over the past ten years the Company has undergone significant changes in the priority directions of business development of Kazakhstan local company as well as in the internal policy of the Company's social responsibility with the formed core team of co-thinkers and professionals. A multi-year social partnership has been established between Aksaigasservice JSC and the Akimat of Burlinskiy Region. Within the framework of the signed Memorandum the Company assists in solving many social problems of the local residents. Aksaigasservice JSC treats with understanding the proposals from the employment department to assist in the employment of local residents.

In order to attract and reinforce the graduate specialists Aksaigasservice JSC concluded the agreements of cooperation with local higher and secondary technical schools.
Within the framework of such cooperation, there have been 1120 persons accepted to work at Aksaigasservice JSC including 530 graduates of universities and technical schools. In general, young people under 29 years of age make up 45% of the total number of employees in the Company.
As for the joint work with pre-school institutions, schools, boarding schools, the children are always happy to meet Aksaigasservice JSC representatives knowing that guests always come with the gifts. There are always kind words of gratitude to the Company from Veterans Council whose requests and appeals are never ignored with the support and real help found for them such as solutions to everyday problems, one-time material assistance, annual subscription to local and national newspapers. In 2010 and 2011 the Company allocated the Region’s Veterans Council the support of 1 Million and 650 Thousand Tenge.
A solemn event to commemorate the front-line soldiers and war workers on May 9, 2012 was completely covered by Aksaigasservice JSC that allocated 2 Million Tenge for these purposes. The Company pays great attention and cares to every Veteran living in Burlinskiy Region that participated in the Great Patriotic War. Aksaigasservice JSC always positively and quickly resolves questions about the allocation of emergency financial assistance to troubled countrymen.
The assistance is also provided on an ongoing basis to the rural district of Araltal by means of maintenance of roads in winter, annual gifts for children for the New Year, equipping school with sports and office equipment and the village’s medical center with computer and printing machine. The orphaned children in Burli village received 100-120 gifts and toys from Aksaigasservice JSC on the eve of the New Year's holiday.
The local residents of Uralsk city and the surrounding rural areas that were affected by a large flood in 2012 received 4.2 Million Tenge as a support from Aksaigasservice JSC. The special equipment was allocated to save people and eliminate the consequences of the flood in the affected area.
In 2010, the Company rendered a lot of financial assistance to the residents of Rybtsekh village that were left homeless by the earthquake as well as flood victims in the village of Kyzylagash, Almaty Oblast.
Aksaigasservice JSC has formed its own philosophy, concept and the code of social behavior. Therefore, in the list of good actions in addition to these projects are included and not limited to assistance of disabled people, single pensioners and the orphaned children. To a large extent, Aksaigasservice JSC does not remain out of any republican campaigns.
The Company is well aware that country’s tomorrow directly depends on the investments made today in the knowledge and upbringing of the younger generation, therefore caring and paying attention to children is the most justified point for the development of the country.
It is necessary to emphasize the significant, responsible positive role of the Company shareholders that always supports Aksaigasservice JSC management with understanding in the matter of social supports by the Company to residents of the Burlinskiy Region allocating a considerable part of its net profit over many years. Thus, the main directions in the social work of the Company are aimed at the future; they are distinguished by their systematic approach and a look into the future. Although most of the social work is focused on supporting the enterprise's workforce, ultimately, thousands of families of employees and residents of the Region invariably receive positive response. Real and true facts of the works done prove the main goal of all social initiatives by Aksaigasservice JSC – not only strive for prosperity of the home land and the country, but also help by true actions in achieving these tasks. This incomplete list of voluntary charity cases by Aksaigasservice JSC confirms that the Shareholders of the Company, the management team builds its business in accordance with its principles of corporate social responsibility, focusing on the eternal values of life of our society, such as duty, responsibility, patriotism, kindness and concern for our team and fellow countrymen. It is obvious for Aksaigasservice JSC that these concepts are not just a tribute to the current fashion, but a balanced and conscious approach to the work of the Company which benefits the local population together with the economic effect for the country during the past years.
It is gratifying that the results of the republican “Paryz” contest demonstrate the increased level of responsibility of domestic private business, including local Kazakh enterprises as Aksaigasservice JSC. Each year the Company starts the new projects with its new participants in this vital business of helping the people. The high state award of the gold “Paryz” and the Grand Prix in 2016 to the Company became another evidence of its great contribution to the economy and social sphere of the Burlinskiy Region, West Kazakhstan Oblast and Kazakhstan as a whole.


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